Build pathways for future ready skills, inspire STEM learning, and support social-emotional development with esports in Minecraft: Education Edition. Discover immersive worlds, lesson plans and engaging challenges, and educator trainings to bring esports to your learners. 

Unleash creativity & stem learning

Unleash students’ creativity in ready-made immersive Minecraft worlds designed to support learning through team build battles, coding challenges, and role-based strategy games. Each of these worlds is designed to inspire students in pirate coves, fantasy gardens and mysterious, magical libraries, and encourage collaboration, problem solving, and communication skills.

An esports lesson, Splat Racers, encourages student creativity.
An esports lesson, Pirate Cove, is used for student building competitions.

Microsoft esports educator training

The Esports Teacher Academy is a free online training in the Microsoft Education Center to help educators learn how to implement an esports program. Learn how esports helps build a school to career pipeline, discover the steps to establish an inclusive team culture, and gather the resources to start and grow your scholastic esports program. Earn the Esports Educator and Esports Leader badges in this two-part training series.

Explore 24 standards-aligned lessons and esports arenas designed to help students build future ready skills and have fun in creative challenges.


The evidence-based Esports Educator Framework provides teachers with a robust understanding of esports in the classroom and the power of competitive game-based learning to build new skills connected to STEM-infused esports careers. Informed by research and practical advice from esports education leaders, the framework offers teachers the playbook for Minecraft esports success.

Chapter outline from the Esports Educator Framework.
The Battle of the Boroughs esports event takes place in a New York City skyline.


The Battle of the Boroughs, an esports event hosted by the New York City Department of Education with Minecraft and Cxmmunity, invited thousands of students to build a more sustainable, equitable city. Teams competed in timed challenges in a Minecraft arena and winners were selected to compete in a live build challenge, broadcast on Twitch and ESPN.