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If you offer educational services, develop education solutions, run an education program, or use Minecraft Education for similar commercial uses, we’d love to collaborate with you! For your use of Minecraft Education, please review our detailed guidelines below or submit a partnership proposal to unlock more possibilities with us.


Minecraft Education’s brand assets—including the logos, icons, illustrations, designs, and any other brand features and elements, whether registered or unregistered—are proprietary assets owned exclusively by Minecraft and Microsoft. Most commercial uses of our brand assets and content will require a partnership agreement.

Mojang studio logo

Mojang logo

Minecraft logo

Minecraft logo

Minecraft Education logo

Minecraft Education logo

The Minecraft Education agent character


Alex and Steve holding a pickaxe and sword

Alex & Steve

Creeper face


Do's and Don’ts

To help you understand what you can and can’t do with Minecraft Education Brand Assets, we have created this non-exhaustive list of Dos and Don’ts. In general, wordmarks can be used to truthfully convey information about your product or service, as long as customers and the public are not confused into believing Minecraft Education is affiliated with or endorses your product or service. However, our logos, app and product icons, illustrations, photographs, videos, and designs can never be used without written approval from us.

To help illustrate use cases, we are using “OceanCraft” as a fictitious partner brand. Please review these additional tips to better understand how you can more clearly communicate the role that our Brand Assets convey in your communications.


  • If your product, service, or solution integrates with Minecraft Education, clearly communicate the relationship.  
    OceanCraft lessons created for Minecraft Education  
    OceanCraft teachers lead classes/courses in Minecraft Education
  • Truthfully and accurately refer to Minecraft Education and its products and services.  
    Commuter Safety City is a three-dimensional model city created by students using OceanCraft lessons & Minecraft Education software
  • Use in the title of news articles, when truthful and not misleading.  
    OceanCraft adds new assessment capabilities to Minecraft Education.
  • Use our Brand Assets for publication, seminars, or conferences in compliance with Microsoft’s publications, seminars, and conferences guidelines.
  • Use the Minecraft Education name in a secondary name, secondary title, or description.   
    “OceanCraft: A World for Minecraft Education." (we’re cool with this)  
    "Minecraft Education, the ultimate way to experience climate education with OceanCraft." (we’re not cool with this)  
    “Minecraft Education Coding, World’s Best Code World.” (we’re not cool with this)  
    “Minecraft Education Commuter Safety World.” (we’re not cool with this)  
    “Commuter Safety World – Learning About Commuting in Minecraft Education.” (we’re cool with this)
  • Prominently include the disclaimer similar to the following: “NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT EDUCATION [PRODUCT/SERVICE/EVENT/etc.]. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG OR MICROSOFT” on your product, listing, description, website/webpage, social/marketing, and all other related materials.


Without written approval from us:

  • Don’t use Minecraft Education Brand Assets in the name of your business, product, service, app, domain name, social media account, other offering, or business indicator.
  • Don’t use Minecraft Education logos, icons, or designs, in any manner.
  • Don’t imply an affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or approval with or by Minecraft Education.
  • Don't use Minecraft's Brand Assets on any tangible goods or packaging, including any promotional, advertising, marketing, swag, or other items.


Alex and Steve stand atop a hill alongside a pig, sheep, and dog

Mojang Brand and Asset Guidelines

Whether you're sharing or selling your creations with Minecraft, we've provided guidelines to clarify acceptable use of the Minecraft name, brand, and assets.

The agent taps a key on a laptop running Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Usage Guidelines

We support the Minecraft Education community's desire to learn, grow, and collaborate. To ensure positive contributions, we've outlined acceptable ways to use the Minecraft Education name, brand, and assets in your creations.

Minecraft Esports logo shows two bees racing towards a flag. Behind the logo is a sunset.

Minecraft Education Esports Guidelines

We've noticed the growing interest in competitive Minecraft Education Esports and crafted guidelines to ensure fair and enjoyable events. Our goal is to help everyone understand what's allowed during these competitions for a positive experience.

In a room filled with books, a villager stands, facing the viewer.

Minecraft Education License Usage Guidelines

Whether you're an academic institution, using the demo version, or have purchased through the Apple App store, there's a specific End User License Agreements (EULAs) for you. For Commercial organizations, the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement (MOSA) and Microsoft Product terms govern license usage.

If you are seeking to report violations of these guidelines, you can send us information about the violation through our help form. We are not able to give advice about whether a specific project does or does not follow these guidelines. If you are unsure, you should speak to an attorney for help.

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