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generation AI

Venture through time to create helpful AI-powered inventions in the new Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI. Use problem solving, creativity, and computational thinking along with the principles of responsible AI. With coding in MakeCode Blocks or Python, Minecraft Hour of Code invites anyone to learn the basics of coding and how to build better AI for all. Follow these steps to get started.


Step 1: Set up Minecraft Education

Make sure you have the latest version installed. You can check your version and update if necessary with these instructions.

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Step 3: Join an Hour of Code event with your classroom

Register your class to attend a free, virtual Hour of Code event with a guest teacher facilitating. Offered at multiple times during CS Ed Week, Dec 6–12.

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Step 4: Go Beyond the hour of code

Inspire STEM passion in K–12 learners with our Minecraft CS learning progression, 200 hours of curriculum, and professional development.

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Teach Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and AI with an engaging, progressive curriculum for learners of all ages and stages. Empower students to code and stay safe online with standards aligned curriculum and real-world problem-solving activities. No coding skills are necessary to start.

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Prepare students to thrive and spark a passion for Computer Science with more training and fun Hour of Code content from Microsoft MakeCode and Code.org.

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