NgĀ Motu: New Zealand students learn MĀori with Minecraft

Discover the world of Te Ao Māori in an immersive Minecraft world created by New Zealand's Piki Studios in partnership with Microsoft.

Indigenous boats moored on a beach

New Zealand students are learning Māori in Minecraft

New Zealand game designer and founder of Piki Studios, Whetu Paitai, created a special Minecraft world called Ngā Motu to immerse young people in Māori culture. The project shows how the immersive and interdisciplinary world of Minecraft can bring to life indigenous culture and build social-emotional skills, as students work together to explore their country’s national language and history.

Download Ngā Motu (The Islands)

Immerse your classroom in Te Ao Māori with this world now available for all versions of Minecraft: Education Edition. The world resembles the New Zealand ecosystem, complete with moa and kiwi. Explore a traditional pā (settlement) and ride waka hourua (boats). For the full experience, download this add-on, or resource pack, for Minecraft: Education Edition at:

A Māori character teaches about traditional watercraft
A small group of Indigenous people stand inside their house

Bring Te Ao Māori into your Classroom

Learn about the indigenous culture of the Māori people, from te reo (language) to architecture, arts, and economics. Use this comprehensive lesson plan, which includes objectives, video, and glossary, to accompany the Ngā Motu world. Teach students letters, greetings, and pronunciation, and explore the significance of place on cultural development.

Try Minecraft: Education Edition at your School

More than 35 million teachers and students are licensed to use Minecraft: Education Edition in 115 countries. The platform offers teacher training, tutorials, downloadable worlds, and hundreds of lessons across subject areas, available for Windows, macOS and iPad. All New Zealand state and state-integrated schools have access through Microsoft Office 365.

Students using Minecraft: Education Edition at school